You're about to be sucked in to the greatest place on the internet to download stuff. But beware..I am more of an audio than visual guy, so don't come after me if you have 4MB of VRAM and no sound card!!

Hello, friends, and welcome to my Downloads page. This page has the best stuff you'll download anywhere.Enjoy the stuff that took me hours to upload. And hey! ~Here's a nifty little tidbit for the future: BPS stands for~bits per~second. Since there's 8 bits in a byte, take whatever your modem speed is and divide it by~8. That's how many bytes per second it can do. A~14,400 BPS modem does a maximum of 1,800 bytes a second and a 28,800 BPS modem does~a maximum of 3,600 bytes per second. ~What the hell would you people do without me?
If you are familiar with my Downloads Pages of the past, you'll now notice the system is a bit different. Now, I have it more organized and divided into better categories. I also provide little graphics to tell you what kind of file that is. It's niftier looking and a lot cleaner. Here is the Key:

AUAU file
Plug-InNetscape Plug-In
WINDOWS 3.1Windows 3.1 Program
WINDOWS 95WIndows 95 Program
Internet AppInternet Application

I'm Cosmo Kramer, The Assman!! (23 KB) AU
32-Bit *.AU Player (220 KB) WINDOWS 95EXE
Mmmmmm....Barbeque.. (Homer) (58 KB) AU
Doh!! (Homer) (4 KB) AU
Heehee!! (Homer) (6 KB) AU
AAAAAA!! (Homer) (4 KB) AU
WOOHOO!! (Homer) (7 KB) AU
Seinfeld Bass Riff (1 of 6) (26 KB) AU
Seinfeld Bass Riff (2 of 6) (22 KB) AU
Seinfeld Bass Riff (3 of 6) (25 KB) AU
Seinfeld Bass Riff (4 of 6) (21 KB) AU
Seinfeld Bass Riff (5 of 6) (24 KB) AU
Seinfeld Bass Riff (6 of 6) (25 KB) AU
Cantina Band (from Star Wars!) (36 KB) AU
I am Evil Homer!! I am Evil Homer!!... (66 KB) WAV
Simpson..Homer Simpson..(Flintstone Jingle) (99 KB) WAV
Ah, ah, ah, ah, Table 5! Table 5! (Homer) (99 KB) WAV
Oooooo!! Floorpie!! (Homer) (40 KB) WAV
Hellooooo....Newman. (13 KB) WAV
Beavis and Butthead Laughing (23 KB) WAV
A Great Icon Editor!! (Coming soon) (369 KB) ZIPWINDOWS 3.1
A Program made by Microsoft that lets you tweak lots of stuff (56 KB) WINDOWS 95EXE
Similar to Powertoys, but has different features. Both are great!! (232 KB) WINDOWS 95EXE
Oh no!! The Original Lemmings!! (coming soon) (408 KB) ZIPMS-DOS
The Retake on Jezzball: Lenball!! Hey! Mail Len!! (90 KB) WINDOWS 3.1EXE
Animation & Sound Plug-in (???? KB) WINDOWS 95 &WINDOWS 3.1

EXEPlug-InInternet Application

Streaming Audio Plug-in (??? KB) WINDOWS 95 &WINDOWS 3.1

EXEPlug-InInternet ApplicationReal Audio

A set of drivers that will make your Video and Audio enhanced. IT'S GREAT! (About 5 MB) WINDOWS 95EXE
The best Image Map maker out there...and it's FREEWARE!! (811 KB) WINDOWS 95EXE
The Mission: Impossible Theme Song!! (397 KB) AU
The Mission: Impossible Theme Song!! (50 KB) MIDI
The Seinfeld Theme Song!! (275 KB) AU
Another version of the Seinfeld Theme (493 KB) AU
The Seinfeld Theme Song!! (6 KB) MIDI
No!? (Monty Python) (27 KB) AU
This no longer funnyyyyyyy!! (Weird *.WAV) (18 KB) WAVE
The Twilight Zone (Doodoodoodoo!!!) (38 KB) WAVE
PERFECT Arcade conversion of Ms. Pac Man (652 KB) MS-DOSZIP
PERFECT Arcade conversion of Pac Man (Coming Soon*) (120 KB) MS-DOSZIP
Retake on Space Invaders: Windows Invaders (Coming Soon*) (96 KB) WINDOWS 3.1ZIP
The Screen Saver that smears your Desktop!! (Coming soon*) (41 KB) WINDOWS 3.1ZIP
I am Torgo. I take care of your screen when you're away.. (162 KB) WINDOWS 3.1
One of the best graphic browsers out there. (141 KB) WINDOWS 95ZIP
Fun pranks to pull on your friends in Windows!! (Coming Soon*) (96 KB) WINDOWS 3.1EXE
The World of America Online...the way it REALLY is...(This is HILARIOUS!) (392 KB) WAVE

* - Can be found at


Down, by that great ol' band 311! (59 KB)
Another One Bites the Dust!! (26 KB)
The name's Bond....James Bond.. (44 KB)
Buddy Holly - Weezer, dammit! (22 KB)
Cantina Band music form Star Wars (22 KB)
A slightly altered/abridged version of Cantina Band. (15 KB)
Cat's in the Cradle (32 KB)
The oldie but goodie, Centerfold (45 KB)
The MIDI where everybody knows your name (Cheers) (13 KB)
Another Weezer goodie - El Scorcho (22 KB)
Yo ADRIAN!!! Eye on the Tiger!! (32 KB)
Final Fantasy boss music or something, but REALLY good! (22 KB)
For those of you that remember Mega Man 2, here's Flashman's level music! (22 KB)
Funk #49 By The James Gang (10 KB)
Hawaii 5-0!! (21 KB)
Independence Day March, from the movie ID4. (22 KB)
The Black Sabbath favorite - Iron Man (22 KB)
Killing in the Name - RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE! (55 KB)
Intro to the GREAT game, Mega Man 3 (22 KB)
Monty Python's Flying MIDI!! (36 KB)
Theme to Mike Tyson's's GREAT! (22 KB)
Weird, but cool song. (22 KB)
Star Wars Ensmeble whipped up by yours truly (31 KB)
The Greatest Sci-Fi show ever made: The X-Files. (17 KB)
The theme from The Legend of Zelda. (7 KB)

High Hopes (88 KB)

The Thin Ice (10 KB)
Another Brick in The Wall Part 1 (39 KB)
The Happiest Days of our Lives (12 KB)
Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 (59 KB)
Hey You (13 KB)
Is Anybody out There? (5 KB)
Nobody Home (7 KB)
Vera (21 KB)
Bring The Boys Back Home (5 KB)
Comfortably Numb (32 KB)
Run Like Hell (I made this one myself) (36 KB)
The Trial (36 KB)

Breathe (21 KB)
Time (11 KB)
The Great Gig in the Sky (28 KB)
Money (108 KB)
Us and Them (35 KB)
Brain Damage (17 KB)

Shine on you Crazy Diamond (70 KB)
Welcome to the Machine (34 KB)
Have a Cigar (10 KB)
Wish you were here (25 KB)

SO, this is what I have to offer. Of course, this page will be getting more and more files, like a bunch a TV Themes Songs I'm editing right now, and some other goodies. So if you find this disatisfactory for the time being, you may click here. Also, if several links are broken, it's because I haven't updated the links on this page in a good long while. I apologize for that. If you really want that file, it can most likely be found somewhere else on the internet. My advice: Go to AltaVista and do a search for that filename. It's bound to pop-up from somewhere.