Hello, friends, and welcome to what I call the links page. What is the links page, you ask? What are you, STUPID?!?! I've never heard a dumber question in my life!! Don't you even THINK before you speak?!?! It's a freeking page of LINKS! God, do I have to SPELL it out? Anyway, with all your STUPIDITY aside, let's get on with it.... THE LINKS WORTHY ENOUGH TO BE LISTED HERE (In no particular order)! ENJOY!

(By the way, if you took offense at the little thing I said about being stupid, then you are WEAK, my friend...hee hee hee....only joking...maybe.)

The Homepage of Toejam and Earl!!!!!
Superman Matt Lafferty!
Download the Best Web Browser out there (Netscape Navigator, of course)
Download Paint Shop Pro, the best Image Editor on the net
Joeseffus The GREAT's home page!
Official Home Page of one of the greatest bands!!
Maing's Home Page (Still under construction)
Very well the BEST Internet search tool
Gray's Dementia, baby!
PCComputing's home page, home of the greatest free downloads!
The Late Show, hosted by TV mastermind David Letterman, Home page.
Unofficial But GREAT Web site for the greatest band, Pink Floyd!
A Microsoft Mockery page, for all you Warez kiddies
Warner Brothers Home Page, one helluva company
Comedy Central, one kick-ass Cable channel!
Win Ben Stein's Cyber-Money!!
An online computer speech creator! FREE!!!
Looking for an affordable Domain Host? Look no further!
A GREAT Weezer page! A must visit!
The page of Useless Facts! It doesn't get any better than this!
FUNNY, funny page! Has all kinds of cool stuff!

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