Ahhh, religion. It's part of everyone's life. Even yours. And you know it. Interestingly enough, lack of religion is a part of mine.

I'm an agnostic. That means I believe in no particular religion. I also do not believe in God. So yes, I am also an athiest. HOWEVER, athiest does not mean that I hate God, deny it's existence, and after we die there is nothing. We're dead. That's the CATHOLIC definition. Athiest simply means "No belief in God". Just like monothiest means "Belief in one God" and polythiest mean "Belief in several Gods". Isn't english fun?

Many decisions and issues I stand strongly by are usually provoked by one incident, then thoroughly thought into a philosophy. I denied the existence of God at first because I used to be a very depressed person. I hated life, especially my own. I despised the human race. I couldn't comprehend how God could let me live through such pain. So one night, I got down at my knees, glanced up and said "God, if you exist, why do you let me suffer like this? Until you prove you exist and save me, I will never believe in you." Sounds hateful, don't it?

So, I stood by my athiesm. I pondered theories of the afterlife, life itself, and God's presence, whether it was real or not. To this day I don't believe in God, but not for any hateful reason. It's that I have no proof, and I have a problem with things that are said and have no evidence behind it. People tell me "Proof? What about the miracle of life? This green Earth?" Oh, yeah, real convincing. Let me just whip out my wallet buy that, boy howdy!

Which brings me to The Bible. The Good Book? Nah, not THE good book. A good book? Hey, it ain't half-bad. Some things in there are valuable and can be applied to everyday life. Unfortunately, priests and such feel that "God" is talking to them and they can interperet any part of the bible as they feel. This is why I'm very much against Catholicism and most Christianity. Christians feel it's their job to COMMAND people, by the word of God, how to live their lives. Do you know what the purpose of a Jehovah's Witness is? To recruit MORE Jehovah's Witnessess! It's true! It's a huge assimilation plot and I want no part of it! Christianity was NOT originally about getting more people to join them and to force the word of God down everyone's throat. It was all about brotherhood. Helping one another. Giving faith and hope to those who needed it. Not to denounce homosexuality. Not to tell people that abortion is wrong. Not to force people to believe everything they are told by an asshole in a robe and a cross.

I was never brought up any religion, so I have nothing to fear and have no guilt for talking down upon religion. I don't fear that God will punish me for not following his ways or even acknowledging his existence. I strongly believe that most organized religions are nothing but trouble. They assimilate otherwise valuable minds into believing what they believe, doing what they do and basically preparing them for a swell afterlife which no one 100% knows even exists. Heaven, purgatory, nirvana, reincarnation, all are possibilities for the afterlife. But chrisitians are so goddamn sure that what they say is right, they refuse to believe anything else. Stubborness should be the eighth deadly sin.

Hell does not exist. Flat out, does not exist. No one is going to hell. If you believe in heaven, then even the murderers and rapists will see you there. Isn't your God supposed to be forgiving? You're damn right he is. Hell was invented long, long ago. Thousands of years. It was invented by the Church in order to scare serfs and peasants into listening to them and join their religion. Do as we say or God will punish you ETERNALLY! Well if I didn't know any better, then I too probably would have gotten my ass to the church. Who wants to be in eternal pain? I guess apparently our souls have nerve endings in the afterlife.

So that's my take on religion. a lot of times it does more damage than it does help. It can rob you of your individuality is it filled to the brim with hypocrisy. I'm not denouncing personal religion, everyone needs faith and hope from something. Hey, attend church on Sunday, be my guest! But when you make religion your life, don't come knocking on my fucking door with a bible.