Welcome, my son.
Welcome, to the machine.

Hello, and welcome to a page I have made to expose you to my deepest, inner most thoughts. What makes me tick, my opinions/views on things, etc. Should you disagree with my views or become offended by my thoughts, let me give you two words: Tough Shit!
Anyone who has been here in the past may notice something is a bit different. Well, yes. Instead of mindless ramblings here, I've broken down, gone nuts, and written a bunch of essays and yet even more drivel. From such things as my political views, music taste, to just plain "What the fuck is he talking about?", this page is a look into my brain. 10% of it, anyway. At most.

Marijuana: I love it. You love it. Then why the fuck is it still illegal?
My thoughts on music and why MTV is soon going staight to hell.
I changed my mind, MTV will not go to hell...because hell doesn't exist.
The Acid Journals: The first time I tripped on LSD I took the liberty of documenting it. (This is a scary one, folks)*
I don't care if he's old and will die soon anyway, FREE KEVORKIAN!*
I work in a sub shop. I'm disgruntled. Read some rants about it.
*Coming Soon.


The apocalypse is coming folks. Oh yes, it's on it's way. When the year 2000 hits, right?
Because, guess what? The Jewish calendar states that this coming Rosh Hashana it will be the year 5760.
So all of you pig-headed Catholics can just go straight to hell, which you invented, after all.

Titanic, Titanic, Titanic. Jesus CHRIST! How the FUCK did this movie make the millions it did and win best picture? If you were looking for a history lesson watching this piece of shit then you have been seriously deprived. Only 3 things in the movie to the actual event were true: The boat existed, the boat sank, and there WAS music playing as it went down. And that's what pisses me off, the music playing as it went down is FAR too unappreciated. As a musician and music lover, I thought that scene was beautiful. Those guys went down doing what they loved best. Also, the film portayed Molly Brown as being a goddamn wuss. In reality, she was a hard-ass motherfucker who took shit from no one. There was no Jack. There was no Rose. As far as a love story goes, ok, props to Cameron on that, not bad. But did he have to RAPE the Titanic event to make it more powerful?
Perhaps I'm just jealous because I have a thing for Linda Hamilton.

Jesus didn't die for MY sins, that's for damn sure.

There are apathetic people. You may be one of them. I can deal with that. It's the apathetic complainers that are a waste of space. If there is nothing holding you back except you, get the FUCK over yourself and start ripping some shit up! Let the nation know you are PISSED, and will NOT stand for it! Whether it be contacting your congressmen, making a clever slogan or simply kicking your boss in the nuts, get on it!

Three words: Bongs not Bombs.

Learn to know and love Star Wars. It is by far the greatest story ever told. The wise words of Yoda will teach you more about life than an episode of Full House ever will.

Masturbating sure is fun.

Nothing is more annoying than rich, white kids walking around in "gangsta" clothing repesentin' the "west siiiiide". You're not from the fucking ghetto. Your mommy and daddy paid for your expensive clothes. Pull up your pants and get a fucking job.

I'm not a punk. I'm not a jock. I'm not a wigger. I'm not a bookworm.
If anything, I'm classified as a pothead. And I'm damn proud of that.
Know why?
All potheads are UNITED. We're not out to harm anyone.
Try to take a clique of punks or jocks or whatever from one area, put them with another clique of the same genre from another area and see how THEY get along.
Now, try the same thing with potheads. Throw in a bag of marijuana. You'll see a class example of brotherhood.

Call me a commie, but capitalism sucks. For example: try to open a business. Any business. A nice little corner shop that sells a little bit of everything. Now, sit back and wait for Wal*Mart to come into town. Then watch what happens to your business that you worked so hard for.

Elvis is dead. It says so on his death certificate.

German is a great language. If you don't know it, learn it! I admit, I don't know it, but I've seen some german words in books and such. It's just such a pissed-off, cool fucking language!

That's all my brain feels like spilling out. More to come in the future...